What An Organic Termite Inspection Company Has Got To Offer You

termite inspection company

If you are one of those readers who have been sitting with this pestilential problem for many years, now is the opportunity for you to completely break free from them. You, your home, your family and especially the little ones, have been victimized by the multitude of dangers that conventional pesticides have presented over the years. Not only that, you have been heavily inconvenienced. Not only did those noxious fumes cause irritations, they also posed serious health threats to the family, apart from being ineffective in wiping out the resident termite colonies.

Today, there is an organic termite inspection company that can assist you. Let’s take a look at its new discovery. It is, quite literally, organic. They are using a solution known as chlorantraniliprole that is far more effective than all the foregone chemical applications. This organic solution kills the bugs dead immediately and prevents new infestations from entering the home for years to come. Well, at least for up to ten years as the organic story goes.

The formula was inherited from the bark of an indigenous South American plant known as Ryania Speciosa. Researchers discovered a way to extract this natural compound from the plant. Because it is derived from a plant, the termite pesticide is deemed one hundred percent safe for human habitation, animals and plants. Tests have shown just how powerful the effects of this organic pesticide are. Heavily infested premises were put to the test.

Within three months of applying the solution, no evidence of termites was found. All advanced colonies were destroyed as well. This is how the organic solution works. Termites come in direct contact with it because they cannot taste or smell it. They proceed to walk through it and eat it. They carry the organic pesticide on their bodies. Within hours of exposure, the termites’ mouths become paralyzed. This prevents any possibility from them ever feeding again. They become lethargic, contract muscle paralysis, and then simply topple over and die.

The residue of the organic poison remains on the property for years. This prevents the possibility of any further infestation. Finally, the fees for an annual treatment are quite affordable and certainly worth it for the long term.